Going Gonzo

Crunchyroll, Anime Streaming, and Unpaid Digital Labour


  • Jacqueline Ristola University of Bristol

Mots-clés :

Plateformes de vidéo à la demande, Travail, Anime, Fans, Piratage


Cet essai examine comment la plateforme de streaming d’anime Crunchyroll a tiré profit du travail des fans pour devenir un leader sur le marché de la distribution d’anime. Avant de devenir un leader mondial du streaming d’anime, le site était connu au milieu des années 2000 comme un site de piratage d’anime, reposant en grande partie sur la main-d’œuvre des fans pour téléverser son contenu. Cet essai combine économie politique marxiste, analyse discursive et méthodologies pour les études de fans afin d’analyser comment Crunchyroll, en tant que site de piratage populaire, a capitalisé sur le travail non rémunéré des fans afin de se transformer en plateforme de streaming légitime.

Biographie de l'auteur-e

Jacqueline Ristola, University of Bristol

Dr. Jacqueline Ristola is a Lecturer in the Department of Film and Television at the University of Bristol. She received her PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies from Concordia University, Montreal. Her research areas include animation/anime studies, media industry studies, and queer representation. Her dissertation examines animation’s transformation from cable television to streaming platforms. She is currently the co-chair for SCMS’s Animated Media SIG. Her work is published in Synoptique, Con a de animación, and Animation Studies Online Journal, where she was awarded the inaugural Maureen Furniss Student Essay Award. She also co-edited a special issue on LGBTQ Animation for Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies, and has a chapter in the edited collection Representation in Steven Universe (Palgrave 2020).


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