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L’après-mythe : Le Réveil de la Force

Volume 8, numéro 1, juin 2018 Version PDF TOM CUISINIER-ROSSET Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon Résumé Le Réveil de la Force est de toute évidence une réécriture d’Un nouvel espoir, il en reprend jusqu’à la trame, et il réactualise les figures iconiques de la trilogie originale : Han Solo, Leia Organa, etc. Cet article propose de […]

Introduction: Lightsabers and Beetle-Effect

Volume 8, Issue 1, June 2018 PDF Version French version MARC JOLY-CORCORAN & LAURENT JULLIER Université de Montréal, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3   Translated from French by Carl Therrien In a context where the Disney empire seeks to transform the Star Wars franchise with the Marvel recipe, opening production valves on many platforms (comics, […]

A Bridge and a Reminder: The Force Awakens, Between Repetition and Expansion

Volume 8, issue 1, June 2018 PDF Version   ANA CABRAL MARTINS University of Lisbon   Abstract Reviving the Star Wars film franchise, after Disney acquired Lucasfilm, meant kick-starting a new trilogy that worked as a link between the old films and a new phase. The result was The Force Awakens, a sequel to a 30 […]

Re-playing Legends’ Worlds: Toying with Star Wars’ Expanded Universe in Adult Play

Volume 8, issue 1, June 2018 PDF Version   KATRIINA HELJAKKA University of Turku   Abstract In this essay, I describe how adult fans of the Star Wars universe engage actively in world-building through world-play. What distinguishes world-play from world-building, as proposed by Wolf (2012), is an understanding that adult toy play involves more than mere […]

Présentation: Sabres-lasers et Effet-Coccinelle

Volume 8, numéro 1, juin 2018 Version PDF English version MARC JOLY-CORCORAN ET LAURENT JULLIER Université de Montréal,  Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3   À l’heure où l’empire Disney essaie de transformer la franchise Star Wars avec la recette Marvel en ouvrant les valves de la production sur plusieurs plateformes (comics, séries télé, jeux […]

Go Rogue: A Case Study of an Official Fan Contest

Volume 8, issue 1, June 2018 PDF Version   PEDRO MOURA University of Minho, Communication and Society Research Centre (Portugal)   Abstract The relationship between the media industries and their audiences is increasingly complex. Concepts such as convergence culture foresaw a new kind of relationship, one where the consumers would also be producers, participating in the […]

Quality of Video Game Trailers

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version ZEYNEP TANES-EHLE & SARA SPEEDY Duquesne University Abstract Game developers can gain competitive advantage in the market by understanding current trends in video game advertising. Based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model, this study examined the persuasive focus and video production quality of video game trailers. Content of 51 top selling […]

Not Actual Gameplay, but is it Real Life? Live-Action Footage in Digital Game Trailers and Advertising as Gamerspace

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version THEO PLOTHE Walsh University Abstract This article examines this boundary between the virtual and the real in digital game trailers and argues that the blurring of this boundary through live action footage creates a third space that encompasses the virtual world and the physical world, called  “gamerspace.” This study reports […]

Configurative Dynamics of Gender in Bioware’s Marketing for the Mass Effect Franchise

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version LEANDRO AUGUSTO BORGES LIMA King’s College London Abstract The gendered marketing of videogames is an underexplored topic within the vast literature of games and gender. In this paper, I contribute to this body of literature a configurative analysis on gendered marketing strategies for the Mass Effect. I explore the genealogy […]

Marketing Authenticity: Rockstar Games and the Use of Cinema in Video Game Promotion

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version ESTHER WRIGHT University of Warwick Abstract Considering promotional materials as a source of information themselves, this article tracks how Rockstar Games position titles through cinema references. Referring to the relationship between video games and cinema, and tendencies to evaluate video games according to their “cinematic” qualities, it demonstrates Rockstar’s attempt […]

“The most Cinematic Game yet”

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version ED VOLLANS Bournemouth University Abstract An antecedent promotional practice, the film trailer has a history stretches from the formulation of the film industry itself. Yet no work found explores early videogame trailers. This paper tracks the early history of the videogame trailer exploring how it commuted from its use in […]

Man’s Best Enemy: The Role of Advertising During Atari’s Launch in Brazil in 1983

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version ANDRÉ FAGUNDES PASE & ROBERTO TIETZMANN Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) Abstract In the early 80s Brazil a host of small companies, sheltered from prosecution by local laws, resorted to industrial piracy as they released clone after clone of Atari consoles and games. In this text […]

Pervasive Games Beyond the Promotional Tools: Approaches of Aesthetic Pervasiveness in Consumption of Experience

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version THAIANE MOREIRA DE OLIVEIRA Federal Fluminense University Abstract This paper proposes an analysis of the aesthetic elements that permeate both pervasive gaming and pervasive advertising, a type of advertising that infiltrates urban spaces and allows for a ludic and tangible experience. This research discusses the aesthetic similarities between pervasive games […]

Now You’re Playing with Adverts: A Repertoire of Frames for the Historical Study of Game Culture through Marketing Discourse

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version CARL THERRIEN & ISABELLE LEFEBVRE Université de Montréal Abstract This article introduces an analytical tool developed to study the content and historical trends of printed ads, a “blind spot” of current studies on the formation of game culture by video game magazines. Focusing on video game advertising, the paper argues […]

Exploring the Myth of the Representative Video Game Trailer

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version JAN ŠVELCH Independent Scholar Abstract Since the 1980s trailers have been influencing the promotional practices of video game industry, first aesthetically and starting from 1993 also discursively. Currently, they can be considered one of the most prolific and influential tools behind video game hype and marketing. Nonetheless, trailers still fuel […]

Introduction: “It’s [not Just] in the Game”: the Promotional Context of Video Games

Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2017 PDF Version ED VOLLANS, STEPHANIE JANES, CARL THERRIEN & DOMINIC ARSENAULT Advertisements do not lie to us. They show the mediating role that commodities could play in the relation between individual and expectations. (Jhally, 1990: 18) [T]he pages of the specialist gaming press brim over with anticipation, communicating palpable longing and desire for […]

Bridging Game Studies and Feminist Theories

Special Issue, July 2017 PDF Version  GABRIELLE TRÉPANIER-JOBIN Université du Québec à Montréal MAUDE BONENFANT Université du Québec à Montréal Abstract Starting from the premise that feminist theory remains underutilized in game studies, the authors demonstrate that mobilizing concepts from feminist pioneers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Luce Irigaray, Betty Friedan, and Laura Mulvey contributes to a […]